Harp Collection

Historical & Performance Harp Profiles

  • Ted's pricing is based off harps labeled performance below.
  • Harps labeled historical may only be available with additional fees.
  • Please contact for more details, or book now to select a harp for Ted to play at your event.


Natural Wood Finish

Lyon & Healy Style 23

Responsive and resonant since production began in 1890, the Style 23 has become one of the most recognized harps in the world and is an enduring symbol of the Victorian Era.


Liz Ilku Historical Harp

Lyon & Healy Style 26 Gold

This majestic gold harp, designed in the late 1800s, combines nineteenth century Gothic revival styles with Renaissance detail. Ted's particular instrument was the harp of Elyse (Liz) Ilku, who was principal harpist with the Detroit Symphony from 1958-1988.


Hubert A. Graf Historical Harp

Lyon & Healy Louis XV Limited Edition

Among the rarest in the world, this one-of-a-kind harp is built of quilted maple, bronze, gold leaf, and white gold. It also features a beautiful hand-painted soundboard.

Note: Currently out-of-service due to restoration.